My 2015 Starts Today

Happy New Year!

I know, I know…I’m 13 days late…

I’ve spent the past twelve days doing this:

personal photo from my Instgram

personal photo from my Instagram

I pulled my back out, (doing I can’t even remember what), so I basically just laid on the floor for a few days, trying to get my back re-aligned. It worked a little bit. I probably should have just gone to the chiropractor, but I’m stubborn, and it was New Years Eve Day.

Then, on Jan 3rd, I coordinated this gorgeous wedding right here:

personal photo from my Instagram

personal photo from my Instagram

On Jan 4th, I woke up with the plague. You know that cold/flu/ick that’s been going around? Well, it got me. I basically looked like this for a few days.

Photo from Boston Magazine.

Photo from Boston Magazine.

Well, this but without eye makeup and surrounded by two fluffy white dogs. My ick manifested itself as bronchitis, and I dragged myself to the doctor for antibiotics.

I couldn’t stay bedridden for long, because on Saturday, I had a wedding. Moxie Bright Events first full planning of 2015! This awesome couple right here rocked it out and had a gorgeous, unique wedding. I am so proud I got to help them on their journey.

Guest photo by  Charles de Lauzirika

Guest photo by Charles de Lauzirika

Now it’s January 13th. Time to get to resolutions! Last year, I chose a Word of the Year, and it served me well. So, this year my words (yes, I picked two) and HEALTH and WEALTH.

2015 wordsBefore you think I’ve gone to Greedy Town, let me explain what these words mean to me.


Aside from pulling my back out and then getting bronchitis, I just haven’t been feeling very good lately. I’ve really dropped the ball on working out since I started working full-time from home. Some days, all I do is take the dogs for a walk around the block – and sometimes, not even that. (I know, I know. I’m a horrible dog mama.) I really love Zumba and yoga, and haven’t been making time in my schedule to actually go to class. When I’m regularly breaking a sweat, I am a much better human being. I sleep more soundly, I handle stress more appropriately, and I am just generally in a better mood.  Endorphins are a real true thing, yo.

So, this year I am making health my first priority. Exercise, clean eating, vitamins, regular doctor checkups, dentist visits, all of it. If weight loss happens as well, then that’s a bonus! If you are a FitBit user, you can add me here and we can support each other in health!


I know for most, the word wealth is automatically associated with money. I prefer to think of it as abundance, in all things. Abundant love, abundant friendships, abundant resources, etc. Around Christmastime, Moxie Dad called me to find out what Bob the Builder and I wanted/needed for Christmas. I struggled to come up with something that we truly needed or wanted. The truth is, we have plenty of things. What we don’t have is time. Can someone give us more hours in the day to spend together? That would be a great gift.

This year, I vow to be more mindful with my time. And more present in the times I spend with friends and loved ones. I vow to put down my phone A LOT more, really fully listen when I’m having a conversation, and turn off the TV and make more time to just BE. And, to walk the dogs more.

What are your goals for 2015? Anyone else pick a Word of the Year? Or two?

Let me hear from you in the comments!



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