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Hi Peeps! Today let’s give a super warm welcome to the fabulous Melissa Dell (of She & I took part in a blogger challenge to “Walk A Mile in Each Other’s Shoes” (extra special thanks to AJ of Confessions of a Fat Girl), and these are the fruits of our blogging labor! If you’re curious about what I wrote, check the sidebar for the badge with the cute flats on it!

Take it away, Melissa…

I’m one of over 500 bloggers in the SoCal Lady Bloggers Group. Another member – AJ – came up with this great idea for bloggers to swap sites for a day and write for another one. I normally write about my family & cool things I find, but loved getting a chance to dip into the wedding world for Moxie Bride’s site!

My best friend of 17 years is getting married next year. I have been anxiously waiting for the call for a few months now. I remember last summer when she told me things were getting serious with her boyfriend and I was so excited for her. Weddings are such a beautiful thing and the union & ceremony of committing your life with your spouse in front of your loved ones — one of the most important days of your life. And now my best friend will get to experience it!

Since planning my wedding almost 6 years ago, and then starting my own wedding business, I’ve fallen in love with weddings time and time again. I have a wedding Instagram (@BlingDivaDesigns) where I follow many wedding vendors across the country. My favorite ones are the wedding planners & bakeries. I love seeing the details posted by each and hello, who doesn’t love cake!! I had my day in the way my husband & I wanted it, but I love seeing all the different ways brides & grooms express a bit of themselves into the day.

But since it’s my (or your) best friend’s wedding, what advice should you give? Best to be supportive & listen and give help when it’s asked for. They obviously know you’ve planned your wedding and learned a lot throughout the process. They’ll come to you with questions or they might give you a project to take on. Try to think back to your planning days and see what worked for you with those that surrounded you. Did you prefer approaching family & friends to ask their opinion on which dress looked better on you? Did you enjoy handing out tasks to take some to-do list items off your plate? Were you easily overwhelmed when faced with tons of questions from family and friends?

My best friend knows I’m obsessed with weddings. She joked with her fiance that they could just give me the date, budget, and city and just have me run with it and can show up, and know that everything would be amazing. Awww, that’s such a great compliment! But I know that this is their day, and while I can offer my 2 cents on almost any part of the day, I’ll be keeping my mouth shut until she asks for input. I’m sure she will. First test is wedding dress shopping in May! Hopefully I do a good job. I can’t wait to see all the dresses she tries on! There are so many new styles! Here’s some of my current favorites by one of my favorite designers, Maggie Sottero!





Oh and make sure you always have a bottle of bubbly on hand for any planning sessions!

Thank you so much Moxie Bride for letting me crash on your piece of interwebs. And thank you AJ for creating a fun swap-portunity!


5 Comments on Guest Post: So Your Best Friend is Getting Married…

  1. Krystal
    April 2, 2014 at 10:25 am (2 days ago)

    my sister is my best friend and when she got married, I may have gotten a little carried away :)

  2. Anita Boeira
    April 2, 2014 at 10:01 am (2 days ago)

    I’d be okay with a best friend whom I could just handle the money and let her run with it :P A best friend worth her salt would know exactly what I’d want! Granted, my two best friends did think I was crazy to choose to get married in a two piece outfit instead of a gown, so, maybe I wouldn’t have let them plan it, or I’d end up married in a grand catholic church with a big party afterward, which was the exact opposite of what I actually did. Loved the post, though, such a fun read. :)
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  3. Chris
    March 27, 2014 at 5:29 pm (1 week ago)

    Nice tips! I would also add that as a best friend, your job is to sit squarely in her corner, especially when the in-laws or parents are involved. She or he will need that one (or more) person who will just be there for her/him. I think planning gets crazy when people think they can dump their opinions on the bride, assuming the bride will just accept their opinion. You need to help play tackle for the bride.
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    • [email protected]
      March 28, 2014 at 9:30 am (1 week ago)

      100% true, Chris. TOTALLY.
      Also, now that I think about it, one of the jobs of the best friend should be to stop the bride from going to Crazy Town while planning (which always happens at least once, right?)


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