Dressing Team Bridal

This weekend, we managed a victory over a herculean feat: We have chosen all four Team Bridal dresses! Can I get a “hell yeah!”?

Since the beginning of my wedding planning journey, I’ve had strong opinions on Team Bridal attire. I’ve been a bridesmaid a LOT of times, and well…I’ve never actually liked any of the dresses I had to wear. Don’t get me wrong – they were never awful. I certainly haven’t had a “27 Dresses” experience.

But, the dresses were never awesome. They were always just…meh. And strangely, they have all been either baby blue or periwinkle. All. Of. Them. Weird, right?

I tried to find actual photos, but since all of these weddings took place before Facebook, this is the best I can come with. All the dresses kind of looked like this:

personal photo circa 1999

that’s me! personal photo circa 1999

Side note: Please note how I am holding my bouquet. No one told me to hold it down in front of me. This is WRONG. Don’t cover your dress with your bouquet. More on this later.

I have a strong vision for Team Bridal. Kind of. I want them in different style dresses. All four of my girls have strong personalities and very different energies. I don’t want them to look like “Robot Bridesmaids”. I want them to feel pretty, and comfortable, and like themselves. And I want them to look GOOD.

I will never understand the idea that the bridesmaids should look hideous so that the bride can look better in comparison. Who came up with this? If I went to a wedding and the bridesmaids looked like hot messes, I would think the bride had bad taste. I wouldn’t think, “Oooh, the bride is so much more beautiful!”. It’s such a bunch of BS.

It’s enough that I am asking these girls (that I love like sisters) to fly to Philadelphia, stay in a hotel, take time off from work and stand up with me at my wedding. They shouldn’t have to look or feel badly about themselves in the process. Just, no.

So, I decided that Team Bridal would chose different style dresses from the Alfred Sung Bridesmaid line from The Dessy Group.

I chose them for a few reasons: 1., the styles seemed universally flattering 2., there are a ton of options from which to choose, 3., I knew that NetBridal carried this line, and that meant we could get them at a discount 4., Dessy uses the Pantone color chart, and the shade of red that I love is available in all of the dress styles. 5., all of the cocktail length dresses looked stylish. Not too short (we are not going to the club!) and not too long (too matronly!)

Off we went out into the world to try them on!

This is an actual Facebook status update from a member of Team Bridal. Names covered to protect the innocent. :-)

This is an actual Facebook status update from a member of Team Bridal. Names covered to protect the innocent. :-)

Which turned out to be the most difficult part. You see, when you account for all the variables (color, length, and fabric) there are 42 available styles to try. We only needed 4 dresses, so this sounds promising, right? Well, let’s try again. None of the girls were interested in wearing a strapless dress. So, that narrows the pool down to 29. And of that 29, how many did we find to try on? After going to five different dress shops? Maybe half of that. Probably about 15. Le sigh. 

I didn’t know I’d be doing math.

Most of the dress shops had A LOT of strapless styles to try. Not so many of the other options. And frequently, we would be assured that they carried this line of dresses only to get there and see that they maybe had three or four dresses to try. (I’m looking at you, Nordstrom.)

So, it got frustrating. And the search got a little long.

We were bolstered, pretty early on, by a Dessy Group Sample Sale in NYC. Moxie Mom and The Professor live in NYC, so when I got the email, I put them on the case immediately. The customer service at Dessy is not to be believed, by the way. They provided an email address on the sale flyer, so I took a chance and emailed, never thinking I would actually get a reply. Well, not only did I get a relpy, but Renee at The Dessy Group was outstanding. She listened to my very specific list of wants and style numbers, and she actually SET ASIDE dresses for us. When MoxieMom arrived at the sale (she herself armed with style numbers, pictures, and fabric samples), she was led to a rack that had all the dresses that fit our description. AMAZING!

MoxieMom was able to purchase 2 dresses for $20 each! MOH CraftyPants and The Professor had dresses! We were 50% done, and it was only July. Of 2012. Ridiculous.

We then spent the next, um…8 months trying to locate as many non-strapless dresses as we could. It continued to be frustrating. But we finally did it. All four are chosen!

Here they are, in all their glory:

Photos: The Dessy Groupstyle #s, clockwise:

Photos: The Dessy Group
style #s, clockwise: D586, D449, D518, D500

Someone at The Dessy Group should start a try-on-by-mail program for their bridesmaid dresses. We live in a major city, and we found it nearly impossible to find all the styles we wanted to try on. In fact, SmartyPants is taking an (educated guess) leap-of-faith on her dress style. After five different dress shops, we were starting to think maybe it was a discontinued style. It’s not. I checked. So, everyone keep your fingers crossed that she loves it when it’s delivered and she can finally try it on.

I feel great that this is finally fully checked off the list! Woo Hoo!

Now, let’s hope there’s no drama when the dresses actually get here.

Did I just jinx it?


Anyone else wearing Alfred Sung dresses? And did anyone have a difficult time finding them? Please tell us we are not alone!

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