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StitchFix #2: Now with more RED!

Hey Peeps,

Yesterday I filled you in on my new favorite thing, StitchFix, and the hills and valleys of that first shipment. Did you miss it? It’s right here. Go read it. We will wait.

Now that I am older and wiser (I’ve had a birthday since my last Fix!), I got my second StitchFix, and here’s how it went down.

I specifically asked for a dress in this StitchFix, because Bob the Builder and I were going to dinner for my birthday, and I wanted something new and cute. I mentioned that my preferred silhouette was a small waist and a full skirt (I look best in 1950’s inspired pieces – clearly born at the wrong time), and hoped they would have something that fit the bill.

personal photos

Shirt #1 personal photos

Shirt #1: Y’all, I loved this shirt. It’s a lovely tomato red, which actually looked great on me. And I’ve been wanting a top in this drapey style for a while now. I’ve even pinned it a few times to my My Style Pinterest board, which StitchFix references when choosing my items. I mean, obviously they did, since this exact style is on that board about five times! But once I had it on my body, it was just too big. The smallest part of me is my waist, and if I wear tops that are too loose, I just look enormous. I am also not-so-blessed-in-the-chest, so I think this was just the wrong size for me. I would have loved to return this for a size smaller, but as I’ve previously mentioned, that’s not an option with StitchFix.

personal photos

Shirt #2 personal photos

Shirt #2: More red! So thrilled with the red, and the print! And the silhouette wasn’t bad either. I didn’t keep this shirt, and now I wish I had. It’s so cute and summery and would have added some much-needed print to my wardrobe. All I can say in my defense is that I was PMS-ing and possibly making rash (bad) decisions. This top is “the one that got away”!

dress #1 personal photos

dress #1
personal photos

Dress #1: I’ve nicknamed this dress “The Hot Mess Dress”. I guess because it had a tie waist my stylist thought this might work, but it wouldn’t even fit past my waist. Like, it came to a complete stop by my hips. So, no. No, no, no. Not meant for anyone with Jessica Rabbit hips. Total Fail. But, the color was nice, and the fabric was gorgeous.

necklace personal photos

personal photos

Necklace: I remembered to take a photo this time! Sad to say, this one was not a keeper. MOH CraftyPants bought me an almost identical necklace last year for my birthday. So, kudos for StitchFix for knowing my taste. But I’ve since changed my preference to “statement jewelry” so that I can get some variety in my choices. I can’t wait to see what that means in my next StitchFix!

Dress #2: Here’s where the heartbreaking (I’m such a drama queen) story begins…

I asked my stylist for a cute birthday dress with a small waist and a full skirt, maybe with a fun print. And oh boy, did they deliver! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with a dress (besides my wedding dress, obvs). I think some of the excitement was because I NEVER would have picked out this dress myself, and the other excitement was because it fit really well. It was so good, I wanted to wait and take a proper photo of myself wearing it out on my birthday – hair and makeup done – beacuse it was SO GOOD.

Here’s the info card: By the way, each item of clothing comes with these handy little cards that show you different ways to style the piece. This is awesome for me, because I am so lame at styling and accessorizing. I need all the help I can get!

info card from StitchFix

info card from StitchFix

Why don’t I have a photo of me in this awesome dress? Because the zipper broke as I put it on, splitting down the side and causing it to be totally unwearable. Insert sad face here.

personal photos sad broken birthday dress

personal photos
sad broken birthday dress

So, on the fly, I switched to my trusty ole LBD and we went to dinner. The next day, I emailed customer service at StitchFix. I am so thrilled to report that their customer service is excellent! Within four hours of my initial email, they had replied expressing sincere apologies for my trouble with the dress. As it happens, they have my dress (in my size!) in stock, so they are sending me a new one, and I am sending the broken one back to them. They even sent me a pre-paid return label so I don’t have to pay for shipping. YAY! StitchFix for the WIN! I am so happy to be getting the new dress! I don’t know where I will wear it, but when I do, I’ll post a photo.

It’s so nice to do business with a company that actually cares about customer service. It’s unfortunately really rare these days, I think.

So, that’s StitchFix #2. I still love the service, despite a few sizing problems and a broken zipper. I mean, when you go to the mall, not everything is a home run, right? At least with StitchFix I can try things on in my own home, at my leisure, and match it with items that are already in my warbrode. So, I will keep on keeping on with StitchFix, hoping that eventually I will be able to purchase everything in my box and take advantage of that 25% off discount. Y’all know how much I love a discount!

personal photo of my StitchFix packing invoice

personal photo of my StitchFix packing invoice

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, and you use this link, I get a little referral credit.

Full disclosure: No one at StitchFix has sponsored this post in any way. I was not compensated to write about them (I’ll always tell you if that’s the case).

I just think it’s cool and wanted to share it, and if I can get a little extra shopping credit at the same time, well then, yay! And if you sign up, and refer your friends, you can get the same referral credit!


Happy Shoppings!!

My New Favorite Thing: StitchFix!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I really have no tolerance for shopping these days. Mostly, I order clothes online and just hope they look good when they get to me. It usually works out ok, but I tend to pick the same stuff over and over. Jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, jeans, yoga pants, jeans…do you see where I am going with this? I am definitely stuck in a rut. I basically live my life in yoga pants. It’s not so cute. I need fashion help.

A few months ago, I was reading my good friend Mindy’s blog (Budget Fairy Tale, go check it out), and Mindy posted about this new at home personal styling service called StitchFix. I was immediately intrigued.

Y’all StitchFix is awesome. Whenever you want to schedule a fix, they send you a box of 5 handpicked items for $20. You try on all the items, keep what you love, and send back the rest in a prepaid envelope they send in your Fix. It’s super easy, and super fun. It’s not a monthly service, so you’re not obligated to anything every month – you decide the schedule. You can schedule 4 Fixes in one month, or 4 Fixes a year…whatever floats your boat.

I went to the site to sign up, and was wait listed for a little bit. (Don’t be discouraged, it wasn’t too long of a wait!) When it was time to join, I filled out my Style Profile, which took about 10 minutes and was fun. They ask you a ton of style questions, which made it easier for me to pinpoint what I like and what I think is missing from my wardrobe. Also, questions like this are helpful, as I am a visual gal:

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.51.57 AM

screen capture of the style profile from StitchFix

They ask you all about your sizes, and body type, which is great, because my Jessica Rabbit sized hips are definitely out of proportion to the rest of my body. Questions like “Are you curvy on your bottom half?” made me feel much more relaxed.

So, my first Stitch Fix came a few weeks later. It was like Christmas when it arrived! So many possibilities!

personal photo

personal photo

The items in my box ranged from $50-$100 each, which is the price range I requested in my Style Profile. Other price ranges are: the cheaper the better, $100-$150, $150-$200, and $200+. Right away, I was smitten with the black lacy thing at the top of the box. It was love as first sight, really. I had requested some help with choosing prints, as most of my wardrobe is solids. And I wanted something “fun” for spring. Every time you schedule a fix, you have the opportunity to ask your stylists to focus something specific. I went with “prints” and “fun”. Here’s what I got:

personal photo

Shirt #1: personal photo

Shirt #1: I am a bad blogger and didn’t write down the designer name. I didn’t take a pic with this shirt on, because it didn’t flatter me at all. I don’t like (or look good in) button-up shirts. The print and the color looked good on me, but the cut was all wrong. I NEVER would have picked this out in a store, so yay for StitchFix for stretching my boundaries. It just wasn’t meant to be.

personal photos

Shirt #2: personal photos

Shirt #2: Gorgeous, but unfortunately it did not fit. Like, at all. Here’s where I’m super honest and tell you that I sized my shirts a size down from my normal size, as I was feeling pretty victorious about my recent 20 lb. weight loss. Ridiculously, this did not mean that I went down a size. Ugh. Anyway, I LOVED this shirt, and would have totally kept it if it fit. Insert sad face here.

personal photos

Shirt #3: personal photos

Side note: Please excuse my messy bedroom. Bob the Builder and I don’t have enough clothes storage, and well, it’s a mess in there. We need to buy a grown-up bedroom set. But that’s a whole other Oprah entirely.

Shirt #3: A super cute Chevron tunic. That wouldn’t fit over my butt. Total bummer, because had it fit, I would be wearing it right now. Do you see a trend here? Not much fit me in this box. Totally my fault, but it still bummed me out.

personal photos

Shirt #4: personal photos

Shirt #4: This one I kept. I loved it in the box, I loved it on me. Not the best photo in the world, but I’ve worn this top three times since I got it and each time received compliments. So yay! And, if I remember correctly, I think this was $66. The $20 you spent to receive the box gets credited back to you if you buy something, so it feels like I only spent $46, but that’s just faulty math. :-) If you buy all five items in your box, you get 20% off everything, which is an awesome deal!

I also received a nice pair of gold earrings that I didn’t keep (or even try on) because I already own a nearly identical pair. Major points for StitchFix for “getting” my style. Major points.

After you try everything on, you send back what you don’t want to keep in a pre-paid envelope. Just drop it in a mailbox within three days – easy peasy!

personal photo bye 1st StitchFix!

personal photo
bye 1st StitchFix!

Lessons learned from my first StitchFix:

  • Order your correct size. (Duh.) They don’t let you return something for a different size, so if you love something though it might be too small or too big, you’re kind of stuck. I don’t think they offer this for several reasons – shipping would get very expensive, and their inventory changes very quickly. It’s one of the few drawbacks I have with the service.
  • If you want to use your StitchFix to experiment with new styles, your Style Profile has to reflect that. For instance, I marked my jewelry preference as “classic”, but then they sent me earrings I already owned. I have now since changed my preference to “statement”. Curious to see what they send me next!
  • Feedback is key! After you try on your Fix, you log on to the website to “check out” and provide feedback. This is really the only way your stylist gets to know you. After this fix, I commented on my dislike of button-down shirts, and my love of all things Red. And what do you know? My next Fix was FULL OF RED. Awesome.

So, that was my first StitchFix. Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on my second StitchFix, and my experience with their customer service.

What do you think, kids? Is this a service you think you’d like? Despite my few hiccups, I am really loving it. If you are interested in trying it out, and you use this link, I get a nice little referral credit.

Full disclosure: No one at StitchFix has sponsored this post in any way. I was not compensated to write about them (I’ll always tell you if that’s the case).

I just think it’s cool and wanted to share it, and if I can get a little extra shopping credit at the same time, well then, yay!

Happy Shoppings!!

Hey Brides, Wanna Be on TV?

Hey Peeps,

A friend of mine is casting a new bridal-themed show, and asked me to pass on this info. Joy is a total sweetheart, and although I can’t vouch for the show, I can totally vouch for Joy being an upstanding lady. :-)

Here’s the deets, and if you’re into it, contact them directly. I’m just the middleman.

ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, NEVER A BRIDE? Couples: if you are in a relationship and agree that it’s time to shake things up for the sake (and sanity!) of you both, check this out… A major cable network is looking for established couples in the Los Angeles area between the ages 30-45 who have been together for a minimum of five years and have no children. Couples will participate in a social experiment that will help them plan for the next chapter of their lives — whatever that may be. Is this the “make it of break it“ phase of your relationship? Have you mutually reached a turning point and need to decide how to move forward? Are you determined to stay together? Have you decided something needs to change, but don’t know what? Married, co-habitating, dating — regardless of where you are now,SEVEN YEAR ITCH can help you determine where to go next and how to move forward.

 Our search is currently underway. Couples will be compensated for their time. Please email [email protected] with your names, ages, contact info, and a brief paragraph describing your relationship history and the current state of your partnership. Please include photos of both of you. For more information, log on to Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!
Maybe we will see some of you crazy kids on the TeeVee!
Good Luck!!

The Deed is Done.

(aka I Ordered My Wedding Gown)

And, no. I’m not telling which one I ordered. :-)

Thanks to all who read the ongoing saga of The Great Moxie Dress Search. Thanks to all who voted on the blog, messaged me on Facebook, texted me on my iPhone, and stopped me at work to give their opinion. I love you all!

All I can say is: I am happy and also a bit relieved that this part is done. Aside from checking a very major thing off an ever-growing To Do List, actually choosing my gown has helped free my brain up for other things. Like shoe shopping. :-)

SO many pretty shoes!!

shoe collage

But that’s a post of a different color.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some more wedding chit-chat, but for now, I’ll say this…

“Moxie Bride, you’ve finally chosen your wedding gown?? WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW???”

“Um, I think it’s time to drink champagne!”  (I can go to Disneyland later…)

personal photo from a fancy ladies' tea I attended yesterday. FANCY.

personal photo from a fancy ladies’ tea I attended yesterday. FANCY.

Side note: It’s always time to drink champagne. Always.

So, wanna guess which dress I chose?

Tell me in the comments!!

Happy VDay!

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.49.42 AM

Bob the Builder thinks this looks like me as a kid. He’s right.


In case you were wondering, no, I did not come up with a better gift than last years, but that’s ok. Bob the Builder and I are putting Valentine’s Day present-buying on pause this year. We have a big few months ahead of us, and then, um, a wedding. So, just cards and dinner for us. And I’ve promised to leave my iPhone at home. So, we’ll see how that goes. :-)

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.55.39 AM

For all my currently engaged, wedding-planning peeps, maybe take a break on the planning today and just enjoy each others company? Anything you need to get done can easily be done tomorrow. Let’s all just settle down and really enjoy your day today, ok?

To everyone else, the point of this day is to celebrate Love. Whatever that means to you, it whatever way it comes, and to remember to live each day. Really live. To quote one of my favorite musicals, “No day but today.”

Enjoy this little number:


The Best Valentine I Ever Gave

I can’t actually believe that it’s February 7th. Already. So, One week til V-Day.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.36.00 PM

This chart kills me. It is so SPOT ON.

In all honesty, this is not a holiday that Bob the Builder and I obsess over. We are very good with showing each other affection and love pretty much every day, so the idea that somehow we love each other MORE on this specific Thursday just seems silly. We generally just give each other cards and go get a nice dinner.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.40.52 PM

But not at this restaurant, where Valentine’s Day kinda threw up in there…

But last year, I had such a good idea, I couldn’t even help myself. And now this year, there is no way I can top it. (I mean, if I bought him a car or something I guess I could top it, but…you guys know how much weddings cost, right? So, yeah. No surprise car this year…)  WHY DIDN’T I SIT ON THIS IDEA? WHY DID I SQUANDER IT LAST YEAR???

Ok, so Bob the Builder is from Philadelphia/South Jersey, and as such, there are a few home-town delicacies we cannot get here in Los Angeles. For instance, a hoagie. According to B the B, a TRUE Philly hoagie has dried oregano on it, and the one place in LA that claims to serve “authentic” hoagies didn’t even have dried oregano in their kitchen. B the B nearly threw a fit. Same with the beloved Philly cheesteaks. Can’t get em.

Also, Tastykakes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.46.10 PM

Are you all familiar with Tastykakes? Probably not, if you’re not from the East Coast. Well, specifically Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. I didn’t try my first Tastykake until I was in my twenties, and rehearsing a show in Philadelphia. And I only ever had one chocolate cupcake. I actually had no idea how many flavors they made.

You can’t get these on the West Coast. No one sells them. They aren’t in any grocery store. Trust me, I’ve checked. You can, however, order them online and have them shipped directly to your house.

Which is what I did.

Bob the Builder was so shocked, and so excited, he teared up a little. True story.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.58.49 PM

The Facebook love was immediate, and intense. Do you see that comment? “They are cakes that are made in Philadelphia, baked in heaven, packaged by Santa Claus and delivered by an angel.” 

I will never beat this gift. Never.

The front of that tin said “I Love You”, so it was especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. They don’t seem to have that option this year. (Or maybe with only 7 days to go, they are all sold out?)

I have a feeling that Tastykakes will be making an appearance at our wedding, if not at the actual reception, then at some point that weekend. How could we not, with a love that runs so deep?

So, tell me – What’s the best Valentine you ever gave?

And, also, tell me how you topped that one. I need to know. For, ya know, a friend.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 6.12.46 PM

I’m not even sure what’s going on here. Are eggs romantic? If so, then we bring the romance every morning, kids. Happy Egg Day!

“Doing Things. Always a Good Idea.”


I’m back from a (totally unexpected & unintentional) blogging hiatus. Turns out doing a juice cleanse, starting a workout program, gathering addresses, getting Save the Dates in the mail and helping a good friend promote the World Premiere of her new show left very little time for…well, anything else.

But it was totally worth it. My good friend and fellow Camp Mighty gal, Jennifer Sorenson, opened her new show, “I Fart In My Sleep: Confessions of an Embarrassing Life” at The Production Company in Hollywood, and you guys – It’s hilarious.

Now playing at The Production Company, Hollywood

Now playing at The Production Company, Hollywood

This project is a total labor of love for Jen – she wrote it, directed it, and she’s in it, along with eight other actors – male and female – who all play, um, Jennifer Sorenson. She lays her sh#t bare, so to speak. In a funny way. She is brave, and fearless, and it has been my pleasure to help her (in a very, very small way) bring her story to the stage.

I hosted a blogger preview on the show’s preview night. As far as we know, this is the first blog to be turned into a play, so we wanted to share the love with the blogging community. At least, the blogging community that we know! We had snacks and wine, and we got to be the very first audience for this incredible show. Not too shabby, right?


Selfie! (Pic courtesy of Patty Jean Robinson)

That’s me (in the middle) with Patty from Life in The Pattyverse and Trina from Nothing to Wear – two awesome ladies, and two awesome blogs to go check out! Also want to give a shout out to Dana (& friends) from The Broke-Ass Bride, Carson & Kathleen from Itty Bitty Party Committee, Joe Donatelli from The Humor Columnist, Jen Jones Donatelli from Creative Groove, and Liz Coopersmith from Silver Charm Events for coming out and spending your time with us! Laughing is always good, you guys. Always.

On a personal note, it just so inspiring to see someone fulfill their dreams.  To really set a goal, and not only meet it, but surpass it – the show has been so successful, it’s been extended through February 16th! At Camp Mighty, Maggie Mason said. “Doing things. Always a good idea.” Lately, that’s become a kind of mantra for me. Maggie is right, obviously. And watching Jen throughout this process has affirmed that for me. Was I kind of nervous to host the preview? Yup. Did I think maybe no one would come? Sure, that thought crossed my mind. But ya know what? I pushed on. I did it anyway. Because if you never risk, you never gain. So, I urge you all to go out today and DO SOMETHING. Big, small, whatever. That thing you’ve been wanting to do? GO DO IT. (Or, ya know, make the plans today to start.) It’s worth it.

And, bonus for you guys!!  If you are in Los Angeles and like to laugh (um, that should be ALL OF YOU), you should make it your business to get your butt to Jen’s show. And to help you out, I have a discount code for you!!

“I Fart In My Sleep: Confessions of an Embarrassing Life” runs now through February 16th, (select Thurs, every Fri & Sat, at 8PM). Side note: If you are looking for hilarious and fun and awesome Valentine’s Day plans, go see this show! Use the code: BLGR for $10 off each ticket!!  WHAA? Yup, that’s right. $10 off. You’re welcome. Click here for tickets.

Then come back here and tell us how much you loved the show. K?

Let’s Rock This, 2013.

Y’all, I can’t even believe that it’s the end of 2012 already. Where did it go? Wasn’t I just writing about how 2012 should be afraid of my awesomeness?

Well, look out 2013. It’s gonna be a big year!

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 8.31.09 AM

In 2012, I did my first juice cleanse, took a yoga challenge, wrote a bit about rape jokes (for the record, they are NEVER EVER funny), stalked some wedding dresses before I got engaged, then Bob the Builder and I GOT ENGAGED (yay!!), and then all the crazy wedding planning began! I went dress shopping, we bought a juicer, I did a show, went to Camp Mighty, and now, here we are. This, of course, is the cliff-note version.

Every New Years, I sit down and write up some goals for the upcoming year. I normally keep them private, but what the hell, maybe if I share them, I will hold myself more accountable.

1. Write more. Y’all can expect more blog posts this year, especially as we get closer and closer to The Big Day (10/12/13).

2. Join Gym. Move body more. Eat less. Lose weight. (My dress is strapless, y’all. Must get moving!)

3. Accomplish my Camp Mighty Top 5 Goals. First up: Become a volunteer at the LA Mission.

4. Save more $$ than I spend. We have a wedding to pay for, people!

So, as this year comes to a close, I want to thank you all for reading and commenting and just being generally awesome. This blog project of mine has been my creative outlet for much of this year, and well, I love my little blog. So thanks for reading.

See ya next year!!

Happy, Happy New Year!
We wish you all the best,
Great work to reach your fondest goals,
And when you’re done, sweet rest.
We hope for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
A brighter, better new year than
You’ve ever had before.
-By Joanna Fuchs

Camp Mighty: A ripple, not a tidalwave.

I sat down to write this post just a few hours after returning from Camp Mighty, and well…I just couldn’t do it. Then Bob the Builder and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 15, and then, well…December happened. Now we are just five days away from leaving Los Angeles for our Christmas holiday, and well…here we are!


When I decided to go to Camp Mighty, I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I had heard about it from Meg at A Practical Wedding and Dana at Broke Ass Bride, as I am an avid reader of both blogs. When the opportunity arose, I jumped on it. But when anyone would ask me to explain it, I would say, “Well, it’s a like a retreat for bloggers. Kinda.” All I really knew what that I needed some perspective and perhaps some motivation, and I thought Camp Mighty could help me. And I was right.

Personal photo

Personal photo

Maggie Mason, the gal behind this whole shebang, gave a talk first thing on Friday morning. She was funny, and smart, and she said many wise things. In fact, here are her bullet points:

1.Your words determine your happiness

2. Action is transformative.

3. Check marks don’t equal happiness

4. Our opinions of ourselves are not fact

5. Be rigid only if you want to snap

6. My body is a compass

7. It’s about who you love and who loves you

8. You can predict the future

I am going to do a more in-depth post about each one, because they all really spoke to me, and I think they speak to many of us. Universal truths, people!

Entrepreneurs Laura Mayes and Maggie Mason, co-founders of Camp Mighty pose in the Smilebooth at Camp

Entrepreneurs Laura Mayes and Maggie Mason, co-founders of Camp Mighty pose in the Smilebooth at Camp

We heard from many amazing speakers (you can see the list in my photo).
Derreck Kayongo, the founder of Global Soap Project, is changing people’s lives, all because he saw an opportunity in what we Americans (astonishingly) consider waste.
Photo by Leslie Fandrich

Photo by Leslie Fandrich

Every wonder what hotels do with the half-used bar of soap you leave in your room when you check out? Derreck did.  And now, he recycles that soap! He told us his amazing, inspiring life story and urged us to pay attention. PAY ATTENTION, he said. Look for the punctuation marks in your life. Connect your dots. We are all here for a reason – our job is to pay attention and not miss it! He is such a unique, warm soul. I encourage you all to learn more about his wonderful organization, Global Soap Project.
We heard from Ben Silbermann, founder and CEO of Pinterest. Ben called the Camp Mighty ladies, “a mafia of industrious women” and forever won me over! He also won me over with the most kick-ass and accurate Venn Diagram EVER.
Photo by Sara Wilson

Photo by Sara Wilson

Ben also said: “The best things in this world are made my groups of people who dream together.” “Making things can take a really long time.” “If you dream really big, you can do really big things.” “Pinterest is a place for people who are connected by their passions.” And my favorite, “Rich people like free cookies.” :-)

Other highlights of the weekend:

  • Jenny Lawson (aka The Blogess) (FULL DISCLOSURE: I had no idea who she was before Camp Mighty, leading other campers to look at me in astonishment like I’ve been living under a rock). I know who she is now. I have a girl crush on her. Go read her book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.
  • The Space Party, where I (nicely?) bullied the hipster DJ into playing “Footloose” so we could all dance like fools. If you don’t like “Footloose”, you are just telling lies to yourself. Get out on the dance floor!
  • The Hot Tub, where all the actual networking took place. In the hot tub, Jen (from I Fart in My Sleep) and I decided to travel up to Seattle to visit our new BFF Amy, and Liz (from Silver Charm Events) and I set up an interview (which you can read here), as well as more stuff I can’t tell you all about yet. Secrets, secrets!
  • Opening Dinner Bingo, which featured one of MY life list items (singing the national anthem at Dodger Stadium), which forced me to not be shy and go table to table and socialize. Well played, Camp Mighty organizers, well played.
personal photo

personal photo

And, the Life Lists. The reason for the season, so to speak. I’ve talked about Life Lists before, here and here. And you can read mine. I have to say that I thought there would be more focus placed on the Life Lists, and at the time, I was really confused by it. But in the time since Camp, I’ve found myself moving toward crossing things off my list, without even really realizing it. I signed up to take the orientation to become a volunteer at the LA Mission. I’ve researched inversion yoga workshops in the area. I bought a Groupon to that tap class I’ve been wanting to try. It’s like my subconscious is moving me to action. It’s cool. I like it. More please, universe.

Also, I should give a shout out to all the sponsors that made the weekend possible, and in some cases, rad. Lands End gifted us super awesome wrap dresses, Old Navy helped us update our wardrobe with a free pair of jeans (which I will be giving myself as a reward once I am down a size. Coming soon!), Alt Summit gave us a class on the house, and the fine folks at Bing & WantList gifted me a fine book on lists. Because, well, I like lists.

So, yes, there was swag. And silly photos.

I'm not even sure what is going on here.

I’m not even sure what is going on here.

And also socializing, relaxing, hot tubbing, learning, growing, networking, intention-setting, and sitting in front of cozy fireplaces.

In summary, although there were things I wasn’t too keen on (the food was just…not awesome…at all), I would definitely go back to Camp Mighty. And I would encourage others to go. You can never go wrong with a little introspection, extraversion, travel, and conversation. Never.

I think the effects of the weekend will be felt as ripples throughout my life – as opposed to the huge tidal wave that I assumed would come crashing over me that weekend. In the month since I’ve been, it’s revealed itself as more of a quiet thing, and that’s ok.

I’ll be updating on my Life List in the coming year, so be on the lookout for those posts interspersed with the wedding madness that I am sure is coming any moment now.

Oh, and next year, Camp Mighty is the weekend after my wedding. Soooooo, I’m not sure I can go. I mean, do you think Bob the Builder would want to honeymoon in Palm Springs?

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Sponsored Post: Treat Yo Self!

Retta is just the best. For reals.

Yes, you heard me. Treat Yo Self! If you have no idea what this reference is, you need to click right here and make it right. We will wait. Come back when you are done with the hilariousness.

Right? Ridic hilarious.

When is the last time you have done something awesome for you? Hmmm? Are you, like me, totally tunnel-visioned into wedding planning? Stressed out? Watching too much My Fair Wedding?

Yeah, I thought so.

My good friend, Patty Jean, is a kick ass massage therapist, and she hooked me up with a gratis treatment at her place of employ, the Massage Therapy Center in West Los Angeles.

Here is where I tell you that my massage was free in exchange for writing about it. So, that’s out of the way.

I chose the Jamu Jasmine Massage mostly because I had never heard of it, but also because of its bridal origins. The Jamu massage is from Indonesia. It is an ancient massage treatment that was designed for brides-to-be. It was originally a right of passage massage for the young woman about to enter her new life. The massage was performed on the future bride for 40 days in a row prior to her wedding. It was a nurturing, relaxing, beautifying treatment that prepared the new bride for her wedding night. The body is massaged with warmed, wonderfully scented balms and oils in figure eight motions. Then pure jasmine powder is mixed with the warmed balms and worked into the body. This sensorial escape is a very special experience. The balms are highly nourishing for the skin and work on many levels of the body, penetrating deeply into the muscles and lymphatic and nervous systems.

I normally get a combo thai-swedish massage, so I wasn’t quite prepared for the “figure eight motions” of the Jamu Jasmine massage. It was very relaxing, very soothing, almost transformative. My brain has a hard time shutting down, so usually as I try to relax, my brain starts making lists. To do lists, grocery lists, phone calls I have to return…whatever garbage is swirling around my brain at the moment. But not this time. I was totally relaxed. So relaxed, I think I was meditating. Seriously. This is huge, you guys. Did you read Eat Pray, Love? Remember the part where Liz is trying to meditate? Yeah, that’s me too.

This treatment was pure bliss. So blissful and relaxing that I actually started to drool. I know, it’s not cute. But I share these things with you.

At the end of the treatment, I was covered in oils and jasmine powder and directed to the women’s room, where there was a strong hot shower waiting for me. And a steam room! I ADORE steam rooms! In fact, it’s the thing I miss most about my fancy gym membership. The women’s room had everything you could possibly need, which was great for me, because I brought nothing. The best part of the post-massage experience is that there was no rush at all. I could have stayed in a steam room/hot shower/lounge around the locker room triangle for hours. I almost did, actually.

I really can’t recommend this treatment or the Massage Therapy Center highly enough. Everyone was wonderful, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, and the amenities are top-notch. Here’s some photo love:

The peaceful lobby

gentle reminder

I totally forgot to bring deodorant. They saved me!

secure place for your stuff

And, because Mark, the lovely owner of the Massage Therapy Center, also wants you to TREAT YO SELF, he is offering $10 off any service of $90 or more to anyone who mentions MoxieBride or That Brides Got Moxie!  Thanks Mark!!

You really should stop reading this right now and go and book yourself a treatment. It’s amazing!

And then come back here and tell us how much you loved it.

And if you drooled too.


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