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Brides Against Breast Cancer Dress Sale!

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Brides Against Breast Cancer event in Pasadena at the Brookside Golf Club.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 6.13.29 PM

Brides Against Breast Cancer sells all brands of new designer and “gently worn” wedding gowns in all shapes and styles. Their “Nationwide Tour of Gowns” will contribute over $2 million dollars this year and provides free support programs and services for those impacted by cancer. Education, nutrition, exercise, support and therapy are just some of the many programs and services they support, all designed to help cancer patients, their families and caregivers. Brides Against Breast Cancer will distribute over 10,000 breast “self-exam” cards this year. 2 MILLION DOLLARS. Wow.

It was my first time volunteering for this event, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived at 8am, ready for anything!

a giant truck full of wedding gowns!

a giant truck full of wedding gowns!


Is the Devil in the Details?

Here’s the truth. When planning our wedding, I was really, really, REALLY into the details. This was surprising to absolutely no one who knows me. In my everyday life, I am an extremely detail oriented person. (e.g., I recently told Bob the Builder that I didn’t want to go back to the restaurant we went to on New Years Eve because they didn’t give us a lemon for our fried calamari. I’m insane.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 6.52.50 PM


How My Wedding Made Me a Maker…One of Many Lessons Learned

When I started planning our wedding, I would frequently say to people, when asked, “Oh, no, I don’t DIY, I buy.”

I knew myself well enough to know that I hold very high standards for any project I take on. I was once described as “a professional, in every thing you do”. I took that as a very high compliment – in fact, I still regard it as one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Because it’s true.

If I’m cooking dinner, I expect that it will taste as good as restaurant food. If I’m working on a play, I expect that I will be regarded as a professional actor. I was like this even in high school, by the way. I’ve always thought that there is no sense in aspiring to mediocrity.  If I’m going to do something, it is going to be at the highest caliber I know. Either be the best, or don’t do it.


Journey to the Center of the Invites

*This post contains affiliate links.*

Now that all (well, mostly all) the RSVP have been returned, I can talk about our wedding invitations!

When I started planning this wedding a million years ago, I had no idea how much I would care about paper. Until I started researching my options, that is. Very early on, I had fallen down the rabbit hole of wedding paper design. Browsing the interwebs for our save the date design was one of my favorite parts of planning and I did so much initial research that I thought I had our wedding invitation design all figured out. I was in love – IN LOVE – with the Adios Script Pro, as featured on this gorgeous Minted letterpress invitation.

Just My Type Letterpress Invite from Minted

Just my Type Letterpress Invite from Minted


Decoding The Dress Code

Credit: OregonLive

No, this is not another wedding gown post…

Our invitations were sent out last Monday. Our guests have almost all received them, and right on schedule, All The Questions have begun. Which I totally expected. Honestly, I welcome them. I’d much rather have a question asked than a guest confused. Which leads us to the most popular query thus far: “What does “black tie optional” mean?”

This is my fault, because I put it on our invitation.

personal photo

personal photo

Let’s discuss.


Our DIY Videography

screenshot of the app

Very early on in this wedding planning journey, Bob the Builder and I decided that we didn’t want a videographer. We would rather use those funds for something awesome (like a photo booth!) than use it for a video of our wedding that we are pretty sure we would never watch. Decision made. We felt great about it.

A few months later, and due to the power of Pinterest, I got wind of a new company called WeddingMix, whereby you basically DIY your videography. The idea appealed to me, and the price was right – packages start at just $99!


100 DAYS!!!

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Hey Peeps,

Happy 4th of July! Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend off!

While you are out frolicking at the beach and at BBQ’s, I’ll be sitting at my dining room table until all of these bad boys are at the post office:

personal photo (names blurred to protect the innocent) :-)

personal photo
(names blurred to protect the innocent) :-)


My New Favorite Thing: StitchFix!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.51.57 AM

I think I’ve mentioned before that I really have no tolerance for shopping these days. Mostly, I order clothes online and just hope they look good when they get to me. It usually works out ok, but I tend to pick the same stuff over and over. Jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, jeans, yoga pants, jeans…do you see where I am going with this? I am definitely stuck in a rut. I basically live my life in yoga pants. It’s not so cute. I need fashion help.

A few months ago, I was reading my good friend Mindy’s blog (Budget Fairy Tale, go check it out), and Mindy posted about this new at home personal styling service called StitchFix. I was immediately intrigued.

Y’all StitchFix is awesome. Whenever you want to schedule a fix, they send you a box of 5 handpicked items for $20. You try on all the items, keep what you love, and send back the rest in a prepaid envelope they send in your Fix. It’s super easy, and super fun. It’s not a monthly service, so you’re not obligated to anything every month – you decide the schedule. You can schedule 4 Fixes in one month, or 4 Fixes a year…whatever floats your boat.

I went to the site to sign up, and was wait listed for a little bit. (Don’t be discouraged, it wasn’t too long of a wait!) When it was time to join, I filled out my Style Profile, which took about 10 minutes and was fun. They ask you a ton of style questions, which made it easier for me to pinpoint what I like and what I think is missing from my wardrobe. Also, questions like this are helpful, as I am a visual gal:

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.51.57 AM

screen capture of the style profile from StitchFix

They ask you all about your sizes, and body type, which is great, because my Jessica Rabbit sized hips are definitely out of proportion to the rest of my body. Questions like “Are you curvy on your bottom half?” made me feel much more relaxed.

So, my first Stitch Fix came a few weeks later. It was like Christmas when it arrived! So many possibilities!

personal photo

personal photo

The items in my box ranged from $50-$100 each, which is the price range I requested in my Style Profile. Other price ranges are: the cheaper the better, $100-$150, $150-$200, and $200+. Right away, I was smitten with the black lacy thing at the top of the box. It was love as first sight, really. I had requested some help with choosing prints, as most of my wardrobe is solids. And I wanted something “fun” for spring. Every time you schedule a fix, you have the opportunity to ask your stylists to focus something specific. I went with “prints” and “fun”. Here’s what I got:

personal photo

Shirt #1: personal photo

Shirt #1: I am a bad blogger and didn’t write down the designer name. I didn’t take a pic with this shirt on, because it didn’t flatter me at all. I don’t like (or look good in) button-up shirts. The print and the color looked good on me, but the cut was all wrong. I NEVER would have picked this out in a store, so yay for StitchFix for stretching my boundaries. It just wasn’t meant to be.

personal photos

Shirt #2: personal photos

Shirt #2: Gorgeous, but unfortunately it did not fit. Like, at all. Here’s where I’m super honest and tell you that I sized my shirts a size down from my normal size, as I was feeling pretty victorious about my recent 20 lb. weight loss. Ridiculously, this did not mean that I went down a size. Ugh. Anyway, I LOVED this shirt, and would have totally kept it if it fit. Insert sad face here.

personal photos

Shirt #3: personal photos

Side note: Please excuse my messy bedroom. Bob the Builder and I don’t have enough clothes storage, and well, it’s a mess in there. We need to buy a grown-up bedroom set. But that’s a whole other Oprah entirely.

Shirt #3: A super cute Chevron tunic. That wouldn’t fit over my butt. Total bummer, because had it fit, I would be wearing it right now. Do you see a trend here? Not much fit me in this box. Totally my fault, but it still bummed me out.

personal photos

Shirt #4: personal photos

Shirt #4: This one I kept. I loved it in the box, I loved it on me. Not the best photo in the world, but I’ve worn this top three times since I got it and each time received compliments. So yay! And, if I remember correctly, I think this was $66. The $20 you spent to receive the box gets credited back to you if you buy something, so it feels like I only spent $46, but that’s just faulty math. :-) If you buy all five items in your box, you get 20% off everything, which is an awesome deal!

I also received a nice pair of gold earrings that I didn’t keep (or even try on) because I already own a nearly identical pair. Major points for StitchFix for “getting” my style. Major points.

After you try everything on, you send back what you don’t want to keep in a pre-paid envelope. Just drop it in a mailbox within three days – easy peasy!

personal photo bye 1st StitchFix!

personal photo
bye 1st StitchFix!

Lessons learned from my first StitchFix:

  • Order your correct size. (Duh.) They don’t let you return something for a different size, so if you love something though it might be too small or too big, you’re kind of stuck. I don’t think they offer this for several reasons – shipping would get very expensive, and their inventory changes very quickly. It’s one of the few drawbacks I have with the service.
  • If you want to use your StitchFix to experiment with new styles, your Style Profile has to reflect that. For instance, I marked my jewelry preference as “classic”, but then they sent me earrings I already owned. I have now since changed my preference to “statement”. Curious to see what they send me next!
  • Feedback is key! After you try on your Fix, you log on to the website to “check out” and provide feedback. This is really the only way your stylist gets to know you. After this fix, I commented on my dislike of button-down shirts, and my love of all things Red. And what do you know? My next Fix was FULL OF RED. Awesome.

So, that was my first StitchFix. Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on my second StitchFix, and my experience with their customer service.

What do you think, kids? Is this a service you think you’d like? Despite my few hiccups, I am really loving it. If you are interested in trying it out, and you use this link, I get a nice little referral credit.

Full disclosure: No one at StitchFix has sponsored this post in any way. I was not compensated to write about them (I’ll always tell you if that’s the case).

I just think it’s cool and wanted to share it, and if I can get a little extra shopping credit at the same time, well then, yay!

Happy Shoppings!!

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