The Deed is Done.

(aka I Ordered My Wedding Gown)

And, no. I’m not telling which one I ordered. :-)

Thanks to all who read the ongoing saga of The Great Moxie Dress Search. Thanks to all who voted on the blog, messaged me on Facebook, texted me on my iPhone, and stopped me at work to give their opinion. I love you all!

All I can say is: I am happy and also a bit relieved that this part is done. Aside from checking a very major thing off an ever-growing To Do List, actually choosing my gown has helped free my brain up for other things. Like shoe shopping. :-)

SO many pretty shoes!!

shoe collage

But that’s a post of a different color.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some more wedding chit-chat, but for now, I’ll say this…

“Moxie Bride, you’ve finally chosen your wedding gown?? WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW???”

“Um, I think it’s time to drink champagne!”  (I can go to Disneyland later…)

personal photo from a fancy ladies' tea I attended yesterday. FANCY.

personal photo from a fancy ladies’ tea I attended yesterday. FANCY.

Side note: It’s always time to drink champagne. Always.

So, wanna guess which dress I chose?

Tell me in the comments!!

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