Colors and Themes and Boards…Oh My!

I spend a good deal of time on the interwebs.  (Don’t we all? Ok, don’t answer that…).  And I fancy myself as a pretty decisive gal.  But sometimes, when presented with the seemingly limitless options on the myriad wedding blogs I frequent, I go into a serious overload.

Lately, it’s been color over-load.  And theme over-load.  And inspiration board over-load.

Now, as a decisive gal, I know my colors.  I mean, I haven’t checked it with Bob the Builder yet, but I’m hopeful he will love it like I do.  It’s Peach and Red.


Before you judge this as weird and possibly ugly, check out these amazing inspiration boards…

Photo Credit: Snippet & Ink

Photo Credit: Snippet & Ink

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ann Designs

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ann Designs

I am now officially obsessed with having red envelopes for our invitations, and possibly teaching myself calligraphy. :-) And that amazing tent in the first inspiration board?  Are you freaking kidding me?  GORGEOUS!  There is just so much to LOVE on the above two boards.

I LOVE.  Love.  For real.

Now, onto Theme.  First of all, let me say that I am Not A Fan of Theme Weddings.  I don’t care how much you love Harry Potter, (because I do too), but PLEASE for the love of god, do not try to re-create Hogwarts at your reception.  Seriously, people.   We’re all grown-ups here.

Having said that, I am a bit gaga over all things Art Deco.  If I had the funds, my house would be all art-deco’d out.  But NOT theme-y.  I’m a big fan of “a little goes a long way”.  You will rarely see me wearing both a necklace and earrings together.  (That’s a bad analogy…but I think you get my drift.)

Right now, I’m loving this venue.  Which is Art Deco.  And in Connecticut.

Photo Credit: Marquee Events & Catering

Photo Credit: Marquee Events & Catering

It’s The Gershon Fox Ballroom in Hartford, Connecticut.  An hour and half away from my dad’s in Greenwich, CT, and close-ish for Bob the Builder’s New Jersey and my New Jersey/Staten Island/Brooklyn clan.

Photo Credit: April Eve Photography

Photo Credit: April Eve Photography


LOOK at these invitations! These invites are DROOL-worthy.  And totally out of my (imagined) budget.  They are seriously amazing.  The couple dancing?  LOVE.

Photo Credit: Flicker Invite Design: Sesame Letterpress

Photo Credit: Flicker Invite Design: Sesame Letterpress


And these?  AMAZING.  Once again, Etsy WINS!

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 2.58.53 PM

Photo Credit: Invited Design on Etsy

Invited Design may really be the winner.  If I can get them to incorporate my colors.

This brings us to my small dilemma.  How to marry (hee hee, I’m punny) the two ideas?  All of the inspiration boards I’ve seen for the peach/red combo are vaguely country-vintage-esque.  I am not a country gal.  In fact, Bob the Builder and I are both city people.  New York City, to be specific.

And all the art deco boards are black/white/silver -ish.  VERY NYC.

So, the challenge here, in the execution of this (possible) plan, is finding the perfect way to incorporate the color with the theme.  AND, not have it be overly  theme-y.

Hmmm.  Thank God there’s plenty of time (and the vast internets) to mull it over and figure it out!  Have you had to start from scratch with your colors/theme?  Or was there an inspiration board out there with your name on it?

And lastly, how would YOU feel about a Harry Potter-themed wedding?


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  1. charmingbird
    September 14, 2010 at 9:08 am (4 years ago)

    Re: merging red/orange with art deco

    Maybe try keeping the black/white/silver of art deco and adding just the red (not orange) into the decor as well. I think that combo would be very strong, still sleek and modern (not veering into country town at all.) And, if you’re still missing the orange, I think if you kept everything else black/white/silver/red you would be able to sneak some orange into the flowers and still be ok.


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