A Marvelous Moxie Marriage: Sleepless (and Power-less) In Philadelphia

At 5am on Friday morning, I was wide awake in our gorgeous hotel suite, staring out the window at a downpour of rain. Bob the Builder was snoring contentedly, sleeping off his whisky-fuled bachelor party from a few hours before. I had read that wedding insomnia was common, but since I normally sleep like the dead, I didn’t think it would be a problem for me. But, alas, there I was. Couldn’t sleep, browsing Facebook at 5:30 am. I eventually managed to get a little more sleep before the sun came up. But, not enough.

personal photo

My 5:30am view from the Hotel Monaco. That’s our wedding venue with the golden lights up top. Oh, and that’s the Second Bank of the U.S in the foreground. As in, the second bank EVER in the history of our country. NBD.

After my very relaxing Thursday evening, I should have known that Friday would end up being the longest day in the history of all days, ever. But what did I know? I was young and foolish then.

Here’s how the schedule was supposed to go:

9am, Please Touch Museum with SmartyPants, Mr. SmartyPants, LuLuB, MoxieDad and StepMom Moxie

12 noon – back at hotel, lunch

2pm – blow out at DryBar-type place across town

6:00 pm – Ceremony rehearsal 

7:00 pm – Rehearsal dinner

9:00pm – After party and karaoke at nearby bar

11:30pm- Bedtime for the bride!

Almost none of this went according to plan.

We started the day off strong, and arrived at The Please Touch Museum bright and early, despite rain, and despite a cab driver who seemed to have no idea where we were going. The slightly wonky drive over there was worth it, because I really wanted to watch LuLuB run around the museum, and well, she loved it!

personal photo of my OCD madness :-) personal photo of my OCD madness :-)[/caption]

Amanda, our Day-of-Coordinator (DOC) from Proud to Plan was waiting for us at the rehearsal location, and we got started. I knew having a DOC was essential for us, but it really became clear during our rehearsal. It was so nice to be able to turn over the reigns to someone else for a while, and just (kind of) be a participant. The rehearsal went pretty smoothly, even though our group was very chatty and jokey and we were missing two people. (This is what happens when your wedding party is mostly actors, and it’s raining and family has to drive in to the city from the suburbs. Sometimes it’s impossible to get everyone’s attention all at once. Sometimes traffic is so bad that your Best Man just has to meet you at the restaurant. Such is life.)

We headed over to Dante & Luigi’s for our rehearsal dinner. Bob the Builder and I had chosen Dante & Luigi’s as our rehearsal dinner way before we even chose our venue. It’s the oldest Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, the food is amazing, and it’s very cozy and intimate. We loved it the first time we ate dinner there, and we were so happy they were able to accommodate our group. We ate a delicious dinner, we laughed A LOT, there were some lovely stories told, and we took some photos. All photos courtesy of Corinda Bravo Photography.

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After all this merriment, we had to hurry up and head over to Cavanaugh’s Head House, where a karaoke party was getting started without us! Truth be told, all week long I was nervous about Friday’s schedule. I knew it was SUPERTIGHT, but didn’t really know how to remedy it without inconveniencing everyone. So, I left it as it was.

After dinner, I really really REALLY wanted to go back to the hotel and change my shoes, because my feet were KILLING me. So, I went back to Hotel Monaco, and Bob the Builder went to the bar to greet our other guests.

What was supposed to take “just a few minutes” actually made me about 45 minutes late to my own party. What can you do? Cabs take their own sweet time. I was happy to be in jeans and flats!

When I arrived at the bar, the party was in full swing! I walked in the room to people singing their hearts out, drinking it up, and noshing on the snacks we had set up by the bar. I was so happy to see everyone having such a great time! It was exactly the low-key party I had envisioned for the night before our Big Night!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 6.07.10 PM

Just then, Bob the Builder got up to sing his standard karaoke song, “Mack the Knife”. I know I’m partial because I’m his wife, but he really kills it at this song!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 1.34.25 PM

A few songs later, and it was my turn! I LOVE karaoke, you guys. It’s my favorite. I got up to sing Melissa Etheridge’s “Come to My Window”…

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 1.35.06 PM

…and right after the first chorus, the power went out. In the whole bar. Just…pitch black.

My crazy loud belting broke the bar.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 1.42.07 PM

But what did we do? We finished singing the song anyway.

The entire room joined me in finishing the song.

We are a room full of theatre people, musicians, and hams. We kept singing a capella songs for the next two hours. Seriously. It was the best!

I wish I had taken video of it, but it was such a cool moment in time, and it was so dark, that I didn’t want to ruin it by taking out my iPhone. It was one of those “You just had to be there” kind of moments.

In short order, we figured out that it wasn’t just the bar that was out of power, but several city blocks. Some of our guests took that as a cue to exit, and others? Well, others stayed to do shots and keep singing! The bar manager and bartender kept apologizing for the lack of power, but what can you do? It wasn’t anyone’s fault, and in the end, it was super fun. We made our own karaoke!

Remember earlier when I showed you my timeline? According to the timeline, I was supposed to be in bed by 11:30pm. It was about 11pm when the power went out.

We couldn’t settle up the bar tab for the party with the power out, so we kept waiting around, hoping that at any moment the power would come back, and we could pay. But, no such luck. We waited around until 1:00 am (ish) and then we finally threw in the towel.  We walked back to our hotel, exhausted.

The Bride and Groom-To-Be were in bed by 2am. Just two and a half hours late. And remember all the stuff I mentioned that I didn’t get done on Thursday night? Well, I still hadn’t done it. Oops.

Next Time: How much makeup will it take to cover my under eye circles? Stay tuned!


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