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How To Have Kids at Your Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

Bob the Builder and I had many children at our wedding. In fact, we had thirteen children under the age of thirteen, two of whom were in our wedding party. And, we did not lose our minds. Here’s how you can have kids at your wedding without losing your mind. Seriously.

1. Set realistic expectations for yourself and for the children.┬áThis is the big one, you guys. The children are, well…CHILDREN. And you cannot expect them to sit like quiet little angels all day long. It’s best to prepare yourself way ahead of time that you might hear some crying or whining or flat out yelling during your ceremony. That’s just reality. Even with the most attentive parents, children are gonna do what they’re gonna do. Even if their parents quickly take them out of the room, you will still hear them. Just be ok with it. Or, don’t invite children to your wedding. These are your choices.

Here’s our totally true story. Our flower girl, Lulu B, is my favorite little girl on the planet, and she also happens to be the daughter of one of my best friends on the planet, who was also a bridesmaid.

Lulu and SmartyPants personal photo

Lulu and SmartyPants
personal photo