The Great Moxie Dress Search: Episode One

OK, to be fair, I guess I can’t really call this Episode One, as I’ve been bitching blogging about my bad dress karma and Priscilla of Boston for longer than I’ve been engaged. For those of you who are new here, I offer you this recap: Every time I fall in love with a dress (or maybe the idea of a dress?) I find out it was made by Priscilla of Boston.

Every. Time.

Priscilla of Boston went out of business over a year ago. I’m still mad at them, just in case you were wondering.

Searching online for dresses was starting to get depressing. So much of what is out there is just “meh” to me. Either it’s too princess-y with too much tulle and too huge of a skirt, or it’s bedazzled to within an inch of it’s life, or the material looks cheap, etc… I am looking for an elegant simplicity. Effortlessly gorgeous. I want to wear my wedding gown, I don’t want it to wear me.

Thank God we live in the age of Pinterest, though. My obsession with pinning wedding ideas has led me to discover an amazing ray of hope in the seemingly dismal arena of wedding dress shopping. If you check out my Wedding Gown board, you will see it’s mostly Watters dresses, dresses that only exist at Kleinfelds, and one other dress – pinned four times. Four different pictures from four different sources. It’s like I was thinking, “If I pin it, it will come.”

It’s possible I was right. This dress, Reem Acra’s Laurel #R104, which in the past has only been available from the designer (and with a $6,000 + price tag) is now being carried by Nordstrom! Just about a month ago, they started featuring a small line of Reem Acra dresses! Specifically, it’s at Nordstroms Wedding Suite, which isn’t in every store. I have to drive to Woodland Hills to try it on, because it’s the only place in Southern California that has this dress. And, the best part is the price: $3,585. I know that’s not cheap – I know – but it’s better than seven grand!

So, I made an appointment to try this lovely on. I’m not entirely sure it will look good on me, as I have hips, and a butt, and Italian arms. :-) I’ve only seen this dress on the runway models – never on a real person. But, I’l give it a shot. And I’ll post a full recap of my experience at Nordstrom’s, never fear.

Maybe my dress karma is turning around after all!


Did I just jinx it?


2 Comments on The Great Moxie Dress Search: Episode One

  1. thatbridesgotmoxie
    July 28, 2012 at 4:37 pm (2 years ago)

    Thanks, girl! Wanna come to Nordstroms with me?

  2. Jen
    July 27, 2012 at 9:15 am (2 years ago)

    That dress is gorge!!!


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