A few months ago, I was at a networking event and someone asked me how long I’d been in business. “I’m in my third year”, I replied, took a sip of my sauv blanc and paused.

Wait. Was that true? When did I start again?, I thought.

Much like when someone asks me how long I’ve known my husband, I always think,  Haven’t I always known him? But, alas, I have not. There was a time before my husband, and a time before my business. I jut don’t remember either one very well anymore. I actually planned my first wedding nine years ago, and I knew my husband for a while before we started dating. I tend to start before I start counting.


entrepreneship motto

Moxie Bright Events is two years old today.

Here’s how I spent this anniversary day: Worked out at 9am with some gals I know from Zumba at the track at a local high school, walked my dogs, attended a trunk show at a local bridal accessories boutique with fellow wedding pros, grabbed a quick lunch with another wedding planner, went to a clients house for a meeting about their 2017 wedding, came home to my husband (who made delicious chicken chili for dinner), and ended the day at a local cafe, celebrating this anniversary with a snack and an Arnold Palmer, alone.

And this was a Sunday. Technically, my day “off”.

working at cafe

The fact that I celebrated this milestone alone is an anomaly. If anything, this year has taught me that running a business takes a village. I knew this from Year One, but Year Two really drove that point home for me in a huge way.

Year Two has been about Community.

Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly isolating. I work from home most days, staring at my computer with my cat curled up at my feet. It’s not uncommon that at least one day a week, I don’t leave the house at all. The only way I have found to combat this potential loneliness is to go out into the world and engage, even if sometimes I’m engaging from my computer screen!

This year, I started Periscoping thanks to a challenge by wedding educator Alison Howard and the fabulous online community of wedding planners she has curated in her Facebook group, REFINE. For 30 days (or so), I logged on every day and spoke to other wedding pros about business. The good, the bad, the embarrassing, the educational – I shared it all! So many people shared so much knowledge, and I got hooked! I didn’t know I loved talking about business so much, but I do. It was a surprise for this former musical theatre actress, I tell ya. If you are a #girlboss, and you’re interested, you can watch my ‘scopes on

This year, I became one of the Leaders for the Los Angeles Tuesdays Together meet ups for The Rising Tide Society. Something that I decided to do on a whim – I was attending Oh So Inspired, sitting listening to a speaker, when an email came in, and I said: “Sure!” – has absolutely changed the tone of my business, and subsequently, my life. The Rising Tide ethos of “Community Over Competition” is something that I take very seriously, and it’s informed every part of my life – not just my business.

The Rising Tide Society logo

Getting to meet so many other creatives in so many other fields (not just weddings!) has been such an education. I love learning from others and also sharing what I’ve learned. Last month, Krista Jones (one of the founders of Rising Tide) asked me if I’d like to be a speaker at the first Tide Talk LA. My life motto is basically, “Yes, and…” so of course I said yes. I had the awesome honor of speaking to a crowd of 150 people live and over a thousand people streaming on the web. I spoke on a favorite topic of mine, “The Power of Langauge in your Business” You can watch the whole night here:


This year, I was chosen to be a Panelist at the Creative at Heart Conference this July in Denver, CO. I am so thrilled to be expanding my community to include another awesome group of heart-centered creatives! Tickets for Creative at Heart go on sale today (so convenient!) Click through the photo below to snag your Early Bird price, and come hang out with me in Denver!

Creative at Heart Conference Denver 2016 lineup

This year, I planned 24 weddings for 24 amazing couples, and I cried happy tears at each one of them. Only once did I cry stressed out tears. That’s a pretty good average.

This year, I took a trip to Europe to celebrate my mom’s birthday, came home, had a wedding five days later, super jetlagged. I did not pass out, and the wedding was amazing.

This year, I had 7 colds, 1 sinus infection, 1 stomach flu, and 1 bug that my doctors couldn’t figure out but assured me would not kill me. They were correct. I started drinking lemon water and taking probiotics every day too. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Indeed. I’m hoping next year these numbers will be much lower.

This year, I expanded my core Tribe by a few awesome ladies. Thanks for always having my back, girl bosses!

This year, I decided to stop glorifying busy, set (and 90% of the time KEEP) office hours, close my laptop before my husband gives me “that look” and have the confidence to know that I’ve got this. Totally.

So, what’s the plan for next year? More of the same, plus expanding Moxie Bright Events, writing more (my husband asks me every day when I’m going to start to write a book), more travel, more speaking, more learning, more community building, more mentoring, and more weddings!

Thanks for following my journey this far, friends! What have been your challenges in business? I’d love to hear about how you’re doing as well! 2ndtrySIG






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  1. Rachel
    April 4, 2016 at 1:16 pm (6 months ago)

    Love this Renee!! I definitely feel you on the “how long have I been doing this?” When we put our all into something and it becomes such a part of us it’s hard to remember life before. Life before my business, life before Shaun, life before Bear…it all seems like a completely different lifetime. I am loving what you are doing and loving that you have accomplished so much! This is the first official full year of my planning business and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

  2. Olimide
    April 4, 2016 at 10:33 am (6 months ago)

    Congrats!!! Cheers to many more lady….


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