A Marvelous Moxie Marriage: Photos Around Philadelphia

After our first look, Bob the Builder and I joined our bridal party for some group photos around Philadelphia. Our first location was just across the street at Independence Park.wedding party Philadelphia

These are my favorite people.
red wedding Philadelphia

More of my favorite people. I love how surly our flower girl, Lulu, is in these photos. She was not having it, you guys.

wedding party laughing Independence Hall

Candid. I love that CraftyPants and The Professor are laughing it up.

I haven’t gone into great detail about it here on the blog, but the week of our wedding was also the week that the government was shut down. Which was a bummer for many reasons, one of which was that we were unable to get a permit for photos at Independence Park. Our plan was to take photos in the 18th Century Garden. We had all the paperwork filled out, and Marisa & John, our intrepid photographers, went to the office to file said papers, only to find out that the office was closed due to the government shut down.

So, on our wedding day, we decided to throw caution to the wind and just wing it!

There were a few park rangers around, and eventually one of them asked us for a permit. Marisa pulled out our paperwork from her bag and said, “Look! We tried to get a permit!” We then asked him to take a photo with us, which he declined. But, he didn’t make us leave the park!

This is my husband reaction to our small victory over the parks department of Philadelphia.

groom with flowers Philadelphia


Bob the Builder and I then said goodbye to our wedding party and hopped in a cab. We had nixed the idea of renting a trolley to take everyone around town for pics. It would have taken so much more time out of our day, and really…all we wanted were photos by City Hall. So, we gave our wedding party a break (which I highly recommend!) and went off on our own for a while (which I also highly recommend!)

Our time taking photos on Broad Street was some of the most fun we had all day. The cars going by were honking and shouting “Congratulations!” and it was just THE BEST! Despite the fact that my veil kept blowing off my head (WHY didn’t we pin it to my hair?!?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the time we arrived back at Independence Park, it was time to head to the venue for our second ceremony rehearsal. The day was seriously flying by!

I should pause for a minute and talk about the weather. If you’ve been following along, you know that all week long it was raining. All week. When we woke up on Saturday, it was clear, but overcast. As we were taking photos, we realized the sun was peeking out from the clouds. We were elated! After all the photos, as Bob the Builder and I walked through the park to get to our venue, we noticed it was getting windy. Once we crossed Chestnut Street, the wind had picked up so much that it nearly knocked me off my feet! It was like a wind tunnel! As we waited in the bridal suite for the ceremony to begin, we spotted rain drops on the windows. Thankfully, the rain waited until we were safely inside the venue to start up again.

The next day, Bob the Builder told me that he asked his late mom, Toni, to help us out with the weather. And she did just that. So even though she wasn’t there with us, she was, in a way, very much with us.

Thanks, Toni, for the weather, the pearls, and for Bob the Builder!

All photos by the ridiculously talented Marisa & John of Redfield Photography.



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