Save the Dates: The Revenge of the STD

Four days before the STD’s were scheduled to be mailed, (a deadline that I had made for myself, dictated by the USPS raising the price of postage the following Monday), Moxie Dad emailed me a list of couples that had been inadvertently left off the master guest list. Are you f*#&ing kidding me??  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? I was so careful, I double checked everything, I planned so diligently.

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

And the addition of these fine folks meant that I now did not have enough STD’s. I was 14 STD’s short.


I went back to Minted, only to realize that ordering such a small amount would not only NOT get here in time, but be just about as much (cost-wise) as my initial order of 100. (Remember, I have ninja-like money saving skills. I had a coupon.) So, what to do??

Well, first I had a glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.14.35 PM

And then I did what any other stressed out bride to be would do. I searched the interwebs and ordered the first affordable substitute that did not totally offend me.

Enter the budget goddesses of Vistaprint.

Lots of brides on a budget get their stationery from Vistaprint, so it was easy to find reviews and pretty in-depth info on paper quality and the like on Weddingbee. The general consensus was that the paper quality wasn’t the best, but they get the job done, and since you (and you alone, there is no designer to double-check) are responsible for the accuracy of your work, you pretty much get exactly what you see on the screen.

So, I searched through fourteen pages of STD designs, and finally settled on this:


Have and to Hold Save the Date design from

I chose a full color back, I upgraded the paper to the highest quality, and because I learn from my mistakes, I ordered 25. And the cost was about 1/4 of what the same amount would have been (full price) at Minted. I upgraded the shipping, and crossed my fingers and prayed that they would arrive in time to be mailed out before the postage increase.

Well, on that front Vistaprint did not disappoint. They arrived on Friday afternoon, and myself and the girls stuffed them, stamped them, and sent them on their way out into the world.

As for the quality, well, you get what you pay for. Even with the highest quality paper they offer, the paper is still pretty flimsy. And the spacing wasn’t ideal, because you can manually adjust each text box, and I couldn’t get them to be perfectly aligned. And because I was in a rush, I forgot to put the password for our wedding website. A detail that I would have been able to catch at Minted because a designer checks your work and sends you a proof to approve before printing begins. At Vistaprint, as soon as you pay, they start printing. Something to note if you are planning on using Vistaprint. Have someone check your work! That’s what your fiance is there for! Let him/her help you!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.47.32 PM

In their favor, I will say that I found the customer service to be excellent. Again, because I was rushing, I ordered the wrong color envelopes. I didn’t notice this until I saw the confirmation email in my inbox. Using the live chat feature, I was able to talk to someone right away, and she cancelled the envelopes and replaced them with the new ones. Vistaprint FTW!!

Before this experience, I don’t think I would have chosen Vistaprint for my wedding stationery needs. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I’m glad they were able to help me out.

Do I love these STD’s? Meh. Do they even come close to matching the original STD’s? No, not really.

Do they get the job done? Yes, absolutely. I doubt anyone who receives the Vistaprint Save the Date will think much about it. And if I didn’t write a wedding blog, no one would even know that there were two different designs.  Oops.

But I share these things so you can learn from my mistakes, peeps. ALWAYS ORDER MORE STD’s THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED. Just do it. Spend the extra $30 up front to save your sanity and your time. Try to avoid staring at your computer screen at one in the morning and screaming, “FUCK!” and scaring the cat. It’s not pretty.

Trust me.

You better believe I am over-ordering our invites. For sure.

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